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Kim Zolciak Posts Photo of 14-Month Old Daughter Kaia Rose

Kim Zolciak let her nearly one million Instagram followers know that her daughter Kaia – who is twin sister to brother Kane – has the now popular "Resting b**ch face."

Kim Zolciak Posts Photo of 14-Month Old Daughter Kaia Rose


How can someone be so ok with referring to a child like that. These parents who spend so much time on the internet are creating a disaster generation with no respect. Give it ten years and it'll be apparent.

beach girl
WOW. You're posting pictures of a SMALL CHILD and making comments like that and you've changed? What the hell is wrong with you, SERIOULSY? Leave KIDS ALONE. Can't wait until people start posting pics of your kids and you will cry all over the place. Grow up Perez. You should NEVER EVER comment on kids on your website. Have some common decency and respect.

Kat Ernst
Minutes earlier, Kim posted an equally sweet photo of Kane, “You think I’m doing what mom?”

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