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Kate Hudson's Abs Lead Today's Star Sightings

The mom-of-two was spotted flaunting her toned tummy in a sports bra as she filmed a commercial for Fabletics, a subscription-based brand of fitness wear she co-founded, by the Venice Beach canals in Los Angeles, Calif.

Kate Hudson's Abs Lead Today's Star Sightings


She looks great! No doubt about it. However, "enviable" doesn't seem like an appropriate description as we're all capable of being dedicated and disciplined. That is, of course, in the absence of certain medical issues. For those that think she looks great, her body can be described just as that...or relatable, or attainable, or motivational. Nothing attainable should ever be envied.

Arienne Thompson   
In a perfect world, there’d be a magic pill we could take to get a body like hers, but in this, the real world, the only way to achieve them is through hard work, she insists.

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