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    She's not unattractive. Thats to say the least.Katherine Webb De...
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    This is not a good look for anyone. If you're an adult you should dress like one, plain and simple. She looks like a...No Bra, No Proble...
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    Whaaaa I wouldve given her a ride all she had to do was askJennifer Lawrence...

Katherine Webb Defends Skinny Bikini Body

The former Miss Alabama, 25, was criticized for her weight after posting a photo of herself in a black bikini on Instagram on Tuesday. Now she is defending her body after fans called her too thin.

Katherine Webb Defends Skinny Bikini Body

I wouldn't kick her out of the bed ....unless she were better on the floor.

Jennifer McGee
I think she is really sickly looking. A couple of pounds would not hurt her. She looks at a lot older than 25, more like 40. Just saying.

people don't realize how hard it is to stay slim. the people who put her down are the fatties who cant say no to food and exercise, no will power whiney crybabies. keep it up girl. sloeridre

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