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Did Kelly Osbourne Quit ‘Fashion Police’ Because Of Giuliana Rancic’s Comments About Zendaya’s Hair?


3 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Couture Gel Nail Polish

So much for the New Year’s resolutions… On New Year’s Eve I promised myself that my life will have a better work/fun balance and a healthier schedule. Yet, my phone is off the hook and no open spots in my calendar for weeks. If anything, it seems that this year became busier, not easier.

If you are like me, you will do anything to minimize time spent running errands, doing hair, nails and grocery shopping – among other things. Though, I have to be fair: 2 hours in a nail salon once a week are very relaxing, and my nails used to look great all the time. That is, until I read the article about the dangers of UV lamps used in many nail salons to treat gel nail polish.

Even though the risk of skin cancer appears to be minimal (depending on the bulbs, lamps’ manufacturers and frequency of use), I started subconsciously avoiding gel nail polish opting in for a simple manicure with no color because regular nail polish lasts only 2-3 days on my nails creating more frustration than joy.

 3 Reasons Why You Must Try Couture Gel Nail Polish

1. Save Lots of Time Enjoying Perfect Salon-like Results

Couture Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit comes with everything you need to achieve salon-like results at home. Please don’t compare this product with the so called “gel nail polish” you find in Publix or beauty supply stores. Those pitiful imitations of real gel nail polish will cost you at least $10 per color kit and will peel off your nails just as fast as a regular nail color.

With Couture Gel Nail Polish, you will receive an amazing kit including an LED lamp, 1 color (with a base coat and a top coat), a buffer, a file, a brush (to remove excess product from your cuticles during every application), a couple of other handy tools (see photos below), a cleanser, a nail polish remover and even a pretty travel bag to carry the kit in style:

Album 1

Couture Gel Nail PolishCouture Gel Nail PolishCouture Gel Nail PolishCouture Gel Nail PolishCouture Gel Nail PolishCouture Gel Nail Polish

The application process is very simple and it’s actually faster than in a nail salon because it takes only 30 seconds to dry your nails with an LED lamp vs. 2 minutes with a UV lamp (used in many salons). I took a risk and recorded my very first application of Couture Gel Nail Polish at home. This video is not scripted, not pre-rehearsed; this is exactly what you should expect applying the product for the first time at home with no experience at all. With over 12,000 views on Facebook to date, I call this test drive a success!

2. Save a Ton of Money

As a business owner, I am good at math. According to my calculations, investing $99 into a starter kit will allow multiple applications (I estimate approximately 15-20 applications depending on how many color and top coats you prefer). This takes me to approximately $5 per application lasting 3-4 weeks. As soon as my color and base coats run out, I will have to buy new color and base/top coats at $12.95 a piece (or $59.95 for 5 bottles that is cheaper) because I already have the LED lamp and other necessary tools. Throw in some extra expense at the cleanser and polish remover, and you are still at $5 an application or less. Compare with $25-$30 at your favorite salon and make your own conclusions!

3. Choose a Healthier Option

Back to the conversation about UV lamps used at many nail salons today… Please do not misinterpret me: I am not claiming that LED lamps are completely harmless. According to the latest research data, “when [LED lamp] was tested against the phototherapy lamps in the Markova study, researchers found that a person would need over 40,000 ten minute sessions under an LED nail lamp to sustain the same radiation produced in one phototherapy session. This is the equivalent of getting a gel manicure once a week for over 769 years.” (source). How does it compare to UV lamps? Quoting the same Markova study, “a person would need to use a UV nail lamp for ten minutes at a time (three times the length needed to cure a gel manicure) over 13,000 sessions to equal the UV radiation caused by one phototherapy session.” Emory University dermatologist Jamie MacKelfresh says, “This makes me rethink the issue of nail lamp safety. I’m not ready to say these devices are safe – we dermatologists want people to avoid UV radiation as much as possible – but this seems to be low risk, especially if used infrequently.”

That said, both UV and LED lamps are probably of a low risk to you, even when used weekly or bi-weekly. But when it comes to me, if I have a choice to use a lower radiation solution, I will pick it every time; in this case, it’s the LED lamp.

A bonus tip: apply sunscreen moisturizer to your hands to protect them from any possibility of light damage or carcinogens. Manicure or not, make sure that no matter where you go, you keep sunscreen on your hands.

A Few Interesting Facts about Couture Gel Nail Polish

  • It’s a boutique family business located in Northern California;
  • It’s a mother/daughter run company;
  • They only source products that have no history of animal testing;
  • The nail polish is manufactured in USA (California);
  • Couture Gel Nail Polish offers over 100 beautiful colors to choose from.

If you would like to learn more about the company and the products, follow them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Cover photo:

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3 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Couture Gel Nail Polish

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Published by Kathreen Fender , 28.02.2015 at 23:34


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Amberlynn 1 March 15 14:29 E didn't like the way she was dissing Khloe on Grammy night. Text hided expand
Marilynn May
Marilynn May 1 March 15 14:31 Good for her. I for one think the show is disgusting. And Giuliani should have been fired for her racist comments. I'm sure she hates it when people commented on how scary skinny she is. Women need to stop tearing each other down. It wasn't funny when Joan Rivers did it and it certainly isn't funny now. Text hided expand
Phebe Paul
Phebe Paul 1 March 15 14:39 The comment about Zendaya's hair was most likely what tipped Kelly over the edge and made her decide to finally leave Fashion Police. Text hided expand
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