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'Fatherhood is insane!' - Scott Foley

With three kids and a new dog at home, Scott Foley is barely getting any sleep at night. 'Fatherhood is insane,' Scott told at Friday's NAACP Image Awards.

'Fatherhood is insane!' - Scott Foley


Matthew Cole Weiss
Foley says the key to his relationship with his wife (they also have a daughter, Malina, 5) is simplicity.

abiegirl sibanda
Celebrities always talk as if they are the first people on earth to have babies and go all through sleepless nights...... So annoying..... many parents are going through this everyday.

I have 3 under 5. Unfortunately napping is not an option for me, but that’s only a problem because the 9 month old still wakes up multiple times per night. I can’t really think of any tips other than trying to keep the kids on their sleep schedules. It makes a huge difference. And having family nearby helps too. If the kids are driving me nuts or we’ve been at home too long we go to my parents’ house for a bit. And I make sure to get me time and time with my hubby on a regular basis.

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