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Blink-182's Tom DeLonge: Aliens Exist (For Real)

Weird. Maybe he is telling the truth. We have all seen the X Files. lol. Fox always knew the truth but no one ever believes him :) Does anyone HONESTY care if his band released new music? His band is horrible. I suppose when you were 16 you could be into them, maybe? I've never been a fan. Travis Barker is the new Tommy Lee/ Dave Navarro. A "cool guy" that won't go away, that just floats back and forth between project looking for that one group to rocket him into the mainstream again but to no avail

Blink-182's Tom DeLonge: Aliens Exist (For Real)

In the past few weeks, the members of Blink-182 have gone head-to-head over social media making fans wonder if there would ever be new Blink music again. Now, thanks to founding member Tom DeLonge, fans are asking less about the band’s relationship status, and more about the guitarist’s mental stability.

It’s no secret that the pop-punk artist has had interest in extraterrestrial life, thanks to his site Strange Times that features UFO and other less mainstream news. He even wrote a song about the subject (1999's "Aliens Exist," off Blink-182's commercial breakthrough album, Enema of the State). But many were shocked to find out just how deep this hobby has gone.

In a recent interview with Paper, DeLonge stated that he’s not only had encounters with aliens, but that the government knows about them, and he may be in danger as a result.


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