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Oyelowo: British TV 'ignoring' black actors

British actor David Oyelowo has criticised TV bosses for ignoring "the real" British history by not casting black actors in period dramas. The 38-year-old, who plays Martin Luther King in Hollywood's new film Selma, left Britain for the US in 2007.

Oyelowo: British TV 'ignoring' black actors


Al Bell
So typical of blacks in America. When they fail it must be because of race.

Who takes the Oscars seriously? I haven't since they didn't even nominate Russell Crowe for LA Confidential. (Let alone Guy Pearce.) In any event, "it’s hard to argue that Cumberbatch, Carell or Cooper capture the spirit or complexity of their characters more effectively than Oyelowo does" But it's hard to argue that it’s hard to argue that Oyelowo captures the spirit or complexity of their characters more effectively than Cumberbatch, Carell or Cooper do. Who would you have left out?

Don S.
maybe your performance didn't rate as one of the top five.
Like maybe you didn't study King's oratory prowess enough. His speech
was a major defining tool of his power, one of the great voices of the 20th century, and you didn't cut it, not by a long shot. Every time you spoke, chills should have run through the audience, and it didn't happen.

You were emotionally truthful and moving yes...but King?? No.

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