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Kim Kardashian Wore A Furkini And It Is Everything

Kim made three images of herself frolicking on snowy slopes in some exotic mountainous locale. The main detail of the photos - exotic 'furcini'. PETA's activists have already condemned these photosession.

Kim Kardashian Wore A Furkini And It Is Everything


Jenna Bailey
This is AWFUL. A complete waste of an innocent animal's life. Kim may be a beautiful woman on the outside, but on the inside she is about as beautiful as a festering cyst.

Steve Hill
Is there no celebrity bandwagon the Peta loonies will not climb aboard?

David Windhorst
I wish I had the same money as Kanye to acquire the same high-quality Arctic Fox fur... Last week Kim was seen wearing an awesome Kaola-skin coat to dinner where they served Panda Meat and Dolphin to exclusive guests. Funny, because usually rac!st people like the KimKourtneyKl'hoe KaLan aren't 'into' such exotic foods. By the way, the rac!sts Kartrashagain sisters chased-down and tortured more b1ack men for no reason other than Skin Color than the original hate-groups, seceeders, socialists, and plantation owners of the Democrat Party EVER did in their past 200 years of slavery. That explains her materialistic-desires of fashionable-skin quite bluntly... or in this case, a Special-Ed-dropout with a band of evil caucasian masters designing music for him to karaoke with.


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